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Tips and Suggestions

  • Placing items directly on the concrete floor will lead to condensation, which will cause mold. We recommend that you place all stored items on pallets or 2 x 4's to allow proper circulation of air which will help protect your stored items. Leave air space around the perimeter of items to allow for proper ventilation. A plastic drop cloth over items is recommended for further protection. Precipitation and dust may enter unit with strong winds. Use mattress and furniture dust covers/bags. Use plastic/rubber tubs with sealed lids instead of cardboard boxes.
  • Leave a walkway to the rear of your unit for easy access.
  • Hold onto the rope when lowering and raising the door. This will help to ensure the door does not open or close too fast and come out of the tracks.
  • Confirm and/or PURCHASE INSURANCE for your stored belongings
  • Check your unit regularly. Report any issues with our office during office hours.
  • Storage units are not rodent and critter proof. Do NOT store food or items that will attract them. Do NOT use deterrents that actually ATTRACT pests or rodents - you will only be inviting them into everyone's unit. Please contact our office for some suggestions or Google deterrents for your stored items. Use plastic/rubber tubs with sealed lids instead of cardboard boxes.
  • Use an open bag of charcoal (plain charcoal, NOT infused with a lighter aid) as a natural dehumidifier.
  • For your protection, if you misplace your access code number, you must come in person to the office during office hours and present your driver's license as identification before the access code number will be provided. Only the lessee will be given the access code.
  • We suggest taking a picture of your access code number with your phone so you always have it with you.
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